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Digital Freight Forwarding

Made Easy

Build your Digital Freight Forwarding Brand in minutes 

Start operating like the industry giants

Expand your customers base


FAST Digital Freight Forwarding

White-Label Services


Quotations & Booking Online

Save time for your pricing team and your customers by offering on-demand, simple and all-inclusive pricing


Real-Time Supply Chain Track&Trace

Create customised tracking dashboards to keep your customers updated with real-time shipment status


Centralised paperwork Online

Offer your clients a centralized paperwork system and save time and stress


Digital shared workforce

FAST brings together your team and your suppliers so you can provide the best customer care

Complete solution to manage your digital  freight brand

FAST offer a complete solution to manage your digital quotations, bookings, shipments and invoices on demand. Load your buying agreements, set your required activities, and configure your business rules to activate online quotations. Set your execution templates for easy operations and add the vessel and container number to activate the track&trace features. Add your suppliers to help you better manage your shipments and offer transparent customer care.

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Digital Freight Forwarding Brands

Created With FAST

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"FAST is the future of freight that offers greater visibility into the supply chain. " 

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"FAST helped us to create our digital brand and to improve our customer care" 

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Delta Novel

“With FAST, our team, our customers and our suppliers has a precise overview of all shipments online."

Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 18.05.39.png


“We build Ship-e-Motion Digital Freight Forwarding brand using FAST Platform in metter of weeks."

Everything you need for your digital brand!

Instant Quote, Book and Track 

Website Iframe

Add the branded FAST Iframe for instant quotes, instant bookings and tracking system directly from your website

Create your branded FAST Track & Trace dashboard and offer transparent supply chain view to your customers

Track & Trace Dashboard and Customers Portal

Customers Registration Page and Website Iframe

Add the branded FAST Customers Registration Iframe for quick registration to your customers portal. - Automatically added to your CRM -

Customers Sign In Page and 

Website Iframe

Add the branded FAST Customers Login Iframe and keep track on your customers quotations, logins system usage to keep remarkable customer care


Ready to Start your Digital Brand?

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