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Learn how to become a Freight Forwarder for the 21st Century

Get a full freight software online in minutes

Software application as a service enables you to build and operate like the biggest freight companies. Learn how you can integrate with the latest technologies, build customer-based applications and automate your sales process without upfront investment or in-house programming team.

Our preset templates and service configuration for Air, Road, Ocean, River and even Drone Service get you up and running in no time!

Connect to the latest technologies

Get advanced capabilities with all the integration features of FAST. Build your own services to match new technologies. Connect any freight service to execution-tool and produce automatic emails, printouts and web integration with third-party technologies. It's serverless, hassle-free freight software. Built by Freight Forwarders, for Freight Forwarders

Freight Forwarding Software


Learn how you can save company resources and increase accuracy by adding automatic process management

Automatic Processes Management

Automatization of sales and business processes reduces mistakes and makes recruiting and training skilled employees easy. Learn how you can automate your freight forwarding business by setting default economic activities and process steps to save time managing shipments, recruiting and training skilled employees. Let your customers get automatic sales proposals and set automatic follow-up process to follow your sales and shipments

Never Lose a Single Booking

With FAST you get an automatic follow-up process to follow your shipments that calculate the average booking rate of the customer from each shipper to consignee and use machine learning to forecast the next booking with 95% precision. We do it by teaching the system about your freight business for three months before collecting sufficient data to start forecasting.

Ocean Freight Software


Learn how you can save time communicating with your partners by connecting them to your freight software with a set of privacy settings to share only the right data in a social networking way

Networking saves time managing shipments

 - Connect your customers to get automatic shipment tracking and documents so your employees will save time

 - Permit your trusted customers to get automatic rates and book shipments directly from your system

 - Connect your trusted suppliers to update relevant shipment information and documents like invoice registration to save time

 - Connect your Container Freight Stations to the system and you'll have the same view of the cargo arriving and leaving the warehouse

Increase Customers Satisfaction

Meet the demands of the 21st-century customer and deliver a transparent online view of any freight at any time in beautifully branded and multilingual portals.

Digital Freight Forwarding Portal
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