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Join FAST Today and Start Your Digital Freight Forwarding Business.

FAST Network Plan

Vertical Markets Management
Multi Company Management

Multi Dashboard Management

500 GB Of Geographically Redundant Files Storage

FAST Professional Plan

Complete, Freight forwarding digital business solution for you and your customers

$89 /admin

billed monthly


Pay only for your employees, not for your customers and suppliers usage

News Feed
Shipments Management

Partners Management

Equipment and Schedule
Accounting and Invoicing

Process Templates
Printouts Management

Tasks Management
Full configuration

Email Integration
10,000 Partners included

Buying/Selling Agreements


Pricing Check

Share Shipment

Statistics Dashboard
Business intelligence

Customer Portal
Supplier Portal 

Warehouse Management e-commerce
FAST trigered emails

Automatic Follow-up
Web API Services

Unlimited Updates

No commitment for 1st  month – cancel anytime

After your free month, pay as little as $79* / month when billed annually

For Global Freight Forwarding Networks

Everything in Pro Plan, and...

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What's a monthly active admin users (MAAU)?

Monthly active admin users are calculated as the total number of admin users (your company Active employees) who interact with the FAST app in any given month. You won’t be charged for inactive users and for non admin users (partner contacts) that may log in to your company portals.

Can I try FAST for free?

Yes, we’d love you to give FAST a go. Our free 30 day trial lets you enjoy all the features we offer with no limits for up to 30 days. You can decide at the end of your trial period if you want to cancel, or continue with a paid plan that best fits your needs

What if I decide to cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription will remain active through the billing period you have paid for. Your subscription will be deactivated after the billing period. Until it is deactivated, you can come back and use the product. There will be no additional charge. 

Is my payment information kept safe?

We do not store your payment information. Your information is handled by our payment solution company (PayMe) which has a highly secure system and strict privacy policy. Your payment information is in good hands

How secure is FAST?

FAST applies the best security practices and manages platform security so that customers can focus on their businesses. Our platform is designed to protect customers from security threats by applying security controls on every layer.  more>>

Is data hosting included with my FAST account?

Yes. FAST provides a complete, reliable hosting solution for your company data, with more than 99.9% uptime and uninterrupted service.

Ready to get started?

Pay only for your team and add your partners for free!

Freight Forwarding Portal Users
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